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Erosion Control
Slope Stabilization
Ecological Restoration


Biaxial Geogrid
Uniaxial Geogrid
Fiberglass Geogrid
Steel-Plastic Geogrid
Composite Geogrid

Who We Are



Year Established


Business Type

Geosynthetics Manufacturer

Main Products

Geocell,Georid,Geotexile,Geomat, Geocomposite,etc.

Main Markets

Domestic Market,Middle East ,Africa, South-East Asia ,Europe and America etc.

Annual Output

About 1500000 tons

what we do

Slope greening application

Mainly used for slope greening and protection, coastal protection, roadbed stabilization, ecological restoration engineering, etc.

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Roadbed reinforcement application

Provide customers with targeted solutions for safe and reliable roadbed enhancement systems.

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Water filtration and drainage application

Mainly used in soft foundation reinforcement treatment, foundation isolation, filtration and drainage engineering, landfill sites, etc.

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Honeycomb Geocell System

Today’s most advanced, proven, economically and ecologically efficient solution to soil stabilization and reinforcement challenges.

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15+ Experience in Geosynthetics&Experts in slope protection, landscaping and soil stabilization solutions

Boyuan Geosynthetics provides perfect environmental protection slope protection, greening and soil stabilization system solutions for global customers in large-scale civil engineering projects such as highway and railroad transportation, water conservancy construction, landscaping, bridges and tunnels.

Our Mission

Create opportunities for employees, create value for customers, and create benefits for society

Our Vision

To be one of the best and most innovative companies in the field of geosynthetics

Our Products

  • All
  • Geocell
  • Geogrid
  • Geotextile
  • Geomembrane
  • Geocomposite
  • Geomat
  • Others

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We are a leading company in the field of geosynthetics, and our products have the functions of slope protection, filtration, seepage control, isolation, drainage, reinforcement, protection, landscaping, and erosion control.
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